Tuesday 13 June 2017

Wonderful wonderful day

Warning. Don’t read this if you are about to eat or have a delicate constitution.

Dementia is shit. I mean sometimes it is simply that, shit. So this morning the upstairs toilet is covered in it. Looks like Dad just didn't get to the loo in time. This is when you regret having textured flooring so that it looks like wood!Cos the shit gets stuck in the grooves. Then it is on the cream carpet outside. Oops another bad design choice. What cleaning product to use on the carpet? I go for a good detergent and the loo brush. Then just when you think the loo is clean you find another load of shit down the side of it. And when you look at the light switch. More shit. There were also treads of a shoe in the shit. Find the shoe. More and more shit. Dementia is shit. But life isn't. We are lucky to have it. Most of what used to be my dad has left him and what he has been left with is shit. But we have to make the best of every day. This morning he does not want to get out of bed. I love you I say come and get up and have breakfast. No he says like a defiant toddler. So I play Wonderful Wonderful Day from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers really loud on my iPhone and leave it outside his room. He starts to get up.  It must be the lyrics I mean how could they fail "Ding dong, ding a ling long, were the steeple bells ever quite as gay".

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